Individual Therapy

People seek therapy for many different reasons. Most people wait to reach out for help until they are on the verge of a crisis or already in the midst of one.

Therapy is not just for those in crisis.

Attending weekly therapy sessions during periods of greater stability can provide major preventative benefits and the opportunity for even more meaningful exploration and profound understanding.

Regardless of what exactly brings people therapy, each person is experiencing some level of suffering. This suffering can range from semi-tolerable emotional struggles to on-going, deeply felt inner pain and sorrow. People considering therapy are looking for a way to lessen the burden of suffering, a way to feel better.

This is exactly where I can help.

It is natural to feel ambivalent about or resistant to starting therapy. It is not uncommon for human beings to avoid change, even when experiencing a high intensity of discomfort. The path of self-discovery is not always an easy one, but it is a worthwhile journey ripe with rewards.

Sometimes the hardest part is making the decision to start something new and then following through with it. If it was easy to change on your own, you would have done it already! We ALL need help overcoming obstacles and navigating tough transitions. We just simply can’t face life’s most difficult trials alone.

I will be with you every step of the way.

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These are the issues I work with people on every day:


You’re going through a break-up, divorce, assimilating to just moving here, moving to a new place, leaving a job, starting a job, becoming an entrepreneur, thinking about grad school or just finishing, getting married, becoming a parent, and the list goes on. Transitions are confusing and scary. These are challenging times in your life and you need support.


You’re in an ongoing battle with yourself and your inner critic is winning. That voice inside that tells you you’re not good enough never stops. You’re tired of it having power and control over you. It’s time to finally silence your inner critic and embrace your true worth.


Your thoughts are racing. You replay things in your mind over and over. The cycle of regret, worry, and fear seems never-ending. It’s exhausting and you’re fed up with it


You have a secret you’ve been holding in. You’re afraid of being judged. Pretending like it’s not there isn’t working anymore. You just wish you had someone you could trust who would listen.


You dread waking up each morning. You feel sad and empty inside. You’re surrounded by people, yet you still feel alone. You’ve stopped doing the things you used to enjoy. You’re worried you will always feel this way.


Your life feels dull and void of meaning. You’re sick of just going through the motions. You long to find passion and purpose. Something has got to change.


You’re completely stressed out and overworked. You feel like you’re on the verge of melting down. You desperately crave more balance. You need time to slow down, time for yourself.


You feel irritated and on edge. Any minute you could snap. There is so much bottled up inside. You need and outlet to express yourself.

By now, you know you need to talk to someone.

It’s just hard to know where to even begin.

Maybe you’ve tried talking to friends and family. I’m sure you’ve even done some researching online in an effort to understand your symptoms and find answers. You’ve tried to figure it out by yourself. You’ve done your best to make sense of everything, but nothing is working.

And now you’re here. You’ve decided to give therapy a try.

You have just made one of the best and most important decisions of your life.

You are literally one phone call away from the help you need.

Call or email me today to set up your free 20-minute phone consultation! 

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