Mindfulness-Based Therapy

Discover inner-peace by embracing life in the present moment

You’ve probably heard of mindfulness before, but maybe you’re not exactly sure what all the hype is about. Or perhaps you understand mindfulness as a concept, but (like most people!) you’ve found that it’s not always easy to put it into practice.

Have you ever felt like your emotions were pouring down on you like a powerful waterfall?

Mindfulness techniques allow us to stand behind the waterfall of emotions and watch peacefully, from a safe distance, without getting completely pummeled or swept away.

Do you ever feel disconnected?

Mindfulness practices help you better connect to and relate to yourself so that you can better connect to and relate to others.

Mindfulness master, Jon Kabat Zinn, describes mindfulness as the act of:

• paying attention

• on purpose

• in the present moment

• without judgment

This sounds simple, but it’s not always easy.

Wondering how this all relates to you? Keep reading!


  • Helps you to objectively notice, observe, and witness your mental, emotional, and physical states, without becoming attached or tangled up in them.
  • Prevents you from attaching undue meaning to thoughts, interactions, and experiences.
  • Assists you in letting go of the irrational stories that get created in your mind.
  • Keeps you grounded in the present and brings you back when you find yourself being pulled into the past or into the future.
  • Encourages you to stop and pause before reacting impulsively so that you don’t later regret your behavior.
  • Gives you a tool to live life in the moment, the only place that life truly exists.
  • Allows you one of the greatest freedoms of all—the freedom to simply be, just as you are.

What does mindfulness have to do with therapy?

I often utilize mindfulness, meditation, relaxation, and breathing techniques in my individual therapy sessions with clients as an integrated, holistic treatment approach. Combining mindfulness and meditation with traditional psychotherapy modalities can help enhance the healing process. These supplemental practices can bring you even greater emotional relief and equip you with a set of tools to carry with you at all times.

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