Psychodynamic Therapy

Uncover the unconscious to heal your past and gain true self-awareness

Yes, there will be a couch, but no, you do not have to lie down on it! I also won’t be holding a clipboard, scribbling down notes, saying “mhmm” and “oh interesting…” the whole time.

Talk therapy has progressed quite a bit from the era of Freudian psychoanalysis! While in some ways, psychodynamic therapy evolved from traditional psychoanalysis, it is a much more modernized approach that is focused on empowering you to gain insight and really get to know who you are on a profound level.

Do you ever wonder why you’re attracted to who you’re attracted to?

Are you curious about why you keep ending up in the same kinds of relationships, re-creating the same patterns?

Are there certain people who really get under your skin?

Are you searching for answers to questions that keep nagging you?

The answers to all these questions and many more await you in therapy.

Psychodynamic therapy involves a thorough examination of your past and current ways of being and relating. This type of therapy reveals the impact that your childhood, experiences, and interactions have had on you over time. We will draw parallels between your family of origin and your current relationships as we work to resolve deep-seated conflicts.

In psychodynamic therapy, you will:

  • Safely unearth your unconsciously motivated behaviors, habits, tendencies, and patterns.
  • Examine commonly used defense mechanisms (e.g. avoidance) and some lesser known ones, too.
  • Identify and discuss past relationship dynamics that are continually being reenacted in your current life and causing you pain.

Psychodynamic therapy is an ongoing and in-depth process. Like all forms of therapy, the greatest results are experienced with consistent weekly attendance and strong commitment. This therapeutic work can be extremely gratifying and liberating as you make connections, formulate insights, and gain a deeper understanding about yourself, your relationships, and the world around you.

Get excited to get to know yourself! Let me guide you on this awesome adventure. Call or message me today!

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